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Check Out The New DESIGN Page on the Website!

Updating Mods to 1.4.6

Not Updating People Mod

Not Updating SSK

Not Updating Popup House

New Short Story Section (With Short Story) Added!

There is now a new short story section in my blog. Go and check it out! Feel free to post your short stories under the forums section also.

The short story I posted has a download link for mediafire. No AdFly!

50 Sub Special!

In honor of my 50 Subscriber special... I will be releasing a InfinityCraft Prerelease!

This project has been a colab of me (ReMiX), killerkittyra, Phantom_Gaming, sheeplikefur, SharpSkin09, and Marty. Hopefully, I will be able to get that up by Sunday with the other mod content updates as well. 

If you want to look more into InfinityCraft and follow me as I update it, feel free to click the tab InfinityCraft which will link you to our official forums. Hopefully it will soon be it's own website depending on its popularity.


None Currently!