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Fate: The Traitor Soul Review

Posted by Blue_Guy on March 30, 2012 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)


          Fate: The Traitor Soul, is the third game in theFate saga. In all of the Fate games, you travel down into the dungeonsof your home village. You go fight many creatures on each floor of the dungeon.There are also many bosses in which players will face, each one with a specialpower or ability. This makes sure that whoever plays it is challenged to makesure the game isn't to easy to beat. In the first and second games, you couldbeat the game and stop playing after winning because you would have beaten allthe other challenges. But in the Traitor Soul, there are so many more ofdifferent levels to explore. The game has a cool feature that adds more levelsdepending on your level. When it adds a new level, it puts in creatures thatare more or less equal to your level. This adds infinite levels, which addsinfinite fun.

Good Things

          In the game, the whole infinite level thing appealed to me.That and the whole offline RPG thing. Most RPG games nowadays are online andyou have to share your role-playing experience with thousands of other players.Sure this may sound cool at first but if you actually play the game for awhile, you would see that multiplayer isn't all that it's cut out to be. Andthat is when Fate steps in. In Fate, you can play offline with yourself. Youcan do whatever and not have any lag from other players. No chat, no hackers,no dumb ten year old children yelling at you.

Bad Things

          Unfortunately with every good part of the game, their hasbeen a bad part to compete with it. As helpful and fun as the game is, I reallyam sad to see some of these bad parts of it. For example, when you start a newgame, their really is no story line to it and it is really quite bland andboring. Yeah so what there are infinite levels and free to play stories, thegame has no back story.

My Rating

3/5 Thumbs Up

Top 3 FPS Games (In my opinion)

Posted by Blue_Guy on March 30, 2012 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Call of Duty- ModernWarfare 3


            When Modern Warfare 3 came out, it became an instant hit.Modern Warfare 3 was the equal to the game Modern Warfare 2 and 1. As thelatest one in the Call of Duty series, it has an exciting campaign mode and aheart-pounding multiplayer mode where people on the internet could go againsteach other in different battle modes. Players can customize their weapons andrank up to get new ones. Some games have a weak multiplayer mode that only letsyou pick from three or four different characters and a few different classes ofweapons but Modern Warfare 3 is something else. Modern Warfare 3 is out for allof the major gaming consoles so anyone with a newer gaming system andconnection to the internet (and maybe a Xbox Live membership and PlaystationNetwork membership) can play this game.


ArmA 2


            ArmA 2, can easily qualify as one of the best multiplayerexperiences ever made. It allows over 60 players to play over the internet in ahuge battle. Instead of using brute force to destroy your enemies while runningaround shooting like a mad man, this game uses more strategic methods. It comeswith a wide range of maps and they allow players to go into the map and explorea little bit more than most other games.

            A few good things about the game is the whole multiplayeraspect of hiding behind rocks waiting for your enemy. But that can get boringafter a while. So the game allows players to build there own maps. This is goodbecause that most other games have either big maps or small maps. Since ArmA 2allows you to have both, it makes the game awesome.


Counter Strike


            If anyone who has played Counter Strike, they probablyrelate it to a game with a bunch of hackers who don't have any skills so theycheat. That was two years ago. Recently, the game has been updated. The newupdate on the game blocks all hackers and searches computers for any hacks thatmight disturb the game (it actually just looks for any fishy things that showup when you hack) so it is much more fun.

            Ever since the new updates, the game has been updated allthe time. They have added new features, new weapons, and maps for people toplay on. Rumor has it that the game will be adding microphone features so youcan communicate with other players easily and faster than before. A chatblocker has been added so it blocks swearing which is good if you want afriendly game. Just from this, you can tell that the game is trying to kick itup a notch and begin to compete with the big gaming companies again.

            The gameplay of Counter Strike is on of the best becausethe fast pace of the game. You can spawn, run out, die, and spawn again withinfive seconds. If you like a game with awesome features, okay graphics, sweetsounds, and a heck of a lot of fun then Counter Strike is the game for you.