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InfinityCraft Homepage

  • What is InfinityCraft?

InfinityCraft is a mod collab of different modders who have created and are creating a whole new way to play Minecraft. The mods included are, BattleAxes, StartingKits, Knives, Mo' Tools, Infinity Orbs, Infinity Swords, Infinity Wands, etc.

  • The Crew

Head Modder - 9ReMiX9 (ReMiX)

Co-Head Modder - Marty

Modding Team - SharpSkin09

Photo Editor - 9ReMiX9, Killerkittyra, SharpSkin09

Idea Man - 9ReMiX9, Killerkittyra, Phantom_Gaming

Reviewer -

How Can You Help?

InfinityCraft needs your help to. Feel free to send in creations, ideas, or anything else to us on the InfinityCraft forums under ideas.

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