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Crafting Guide for Ninja Weapons


Battle Axe 1.3.2


What This Does

This mod adds Battle Axes to the game. Battle Axes are much stronger than regular swords. Simple.

This mod is also part of InfinityCraft my own modpack.

Dagger Mod 1.3.2


What This Mod Does

This mod adds daggers(knifes in game) to the game. These have the same stats of there full sword parents but with smaller stats (by a bit).

This mod will be added to the more time that goes by. Possibly, every update, there will be something new.

This mod is also going to be part of InfinityCraft (My adventure mod) so definitely stay tuned for it.

Copper Tools 1.3.2


The copper tools mod does exactly what it says in the title, you can make copper tools and mine copper too. Copper ore will drop the copper ingots and you can figure the rest on your own. This is a small mod and I'm not planning on making it any bigger except for maybe some tweaks.


This mod is for my bigger mod InfinityCraft which includes other weapons, armor, tools, and new content. Pictures of the mod can be seen above. 


Put class files into .jar

Put folder "infinity" into .jar
If there is already a folder in there called infinity put .png files into the old folder.

Run Minecraft


Infinity Orbs 1.3.2



Infinity Orbs is the BETA release of my mod in progress Infinity Craft. This is just part of the mod.


What this does

This mod adds 4 orbs to the game which can be crafted using the element and a diamond.
After crafting, you will no longer need to collect the material for you will have infinite amount.
This is in BETA so there will be more features and restrictions.


YESH!!!! There will be much more added to this mod. Such as swords and armour and
other things along the line of these. If you have any ides for the future if this mod, please
post them in the comments! Constructive criticism too.


No More Singleplayer Griefing 1.3.2


What this mod does:
It Stops Creepers From Destroying Blocks
Stops Endermen from Picking up blocks
Less Arrow Lag
Villager speed changed during night
New Villager Movement

Since hostilities will now kill anything living (Other then hostiles) you will have to be careful. Be lucky because that you will be able to draw attention toward other mobs rather then yourself. Since creepers do not explode blocks, none will be destroyed. Sadly (Or maybe for some, luckily), they will deal out less damage then before. Also, villagers will also move faster when night falls and if you have an iron golem they will move toward them if attacked.

This is all so far but hope you enjoy. Also, as soon as ModLoader hits 1.3.1, I will be making a singleplayer and multiplayer version.

MCM 1.2.5

Minecraft Modding Guide!

MCM is a program that has a bunch of tutorials on how to create your own mods.

The current tutorials are:
Block Creation
MCP Setup
Picture Overrides
and a bunch more!

I will keep updating it too! 

Single Player Kits For 1.2.5 Mod


Download Mirrors

Are you tired of starting your adventure with nothing? Having to waste your time to get wood, torches, tools, and other things that you need to defend yourself against the challenges that lie ahead? Do you want a mod that can kick start this? Then get Single Player Kits.

What this mod does is add a starting kit, much like the one in the "Kits" plugin, that you get when you start a new world. By default, you will spawn with:
Stone Sword
Stone Pickaxe
Stone Axe
Stone Spade
64 Torches
Cooked Pork


It's really easy to install. You need ModLoader though.

1. Drag mod_singleKit.class into your minecraft .jar

2. In your main minecraft directory (With you bin, resources, mods, etc.) open
   the mods folder. Then drag the folder called "remix" into it. DO NOT do this
   with WinRar or it will mess up!

3. Check to make sure that the text document labeled starting inventory is in
   there or you won't spawn with anything.

Read bellow to learn how to edit this file.

You can change these around by going to /mods/remix/startingInventory.txt

What you are going to do is put the ID comma "how many"

3, 64
This will give you 64 Dirt when you spawn.


I will later be adding the ability to edit this in-game.